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The Kudzu Supper Club offers both public and private experiences. The services are charming farm inspired dinners telling the story of great farmer, winemaker and chef. The model is educational and these are events happen once in a lifetime. Please look on our list of events on the right (past and future both listed). If you would like to view menus, pictures, or tasting notes please scroll our complete event descriptions listed below.

Join us this September as we fundraise for Slow Foods Atlanta and the delegates of Terra Madre. The events are tax deductible.

Eat local and be well,

Brady Lowe & Cory Mosser (co-founders)

Please enjoy this short video that captures the essence of the Kudzu Supper Club experience.

past events

February 29th: SOLD OUT
Star Provisions & Summerland Farms

April 5th: SOLD OUT
Jeremy Lieb of Trois in Castleberry Hill

May 17th: SOLD OUT
Todd Mussman at Serenbe Farms

July 25th: SOLD OUT
Joe Truex & Mihoko Obunai in Buckhead

August 16th: SOLD OUT
Matt Harris of Trois at Hanson Farms

September 8th: PASSED
Taste of Terra Madre & Chef's Potluck

Tiger Mountain Harvest Dinner
with Re'past. September 20th: PASSED

Sunday Slow Supper with Allan Benton
at Trois. September 28th: PASSED

"Amuse Cochon" 5 chefs, 5 pigs at the 5 for a cause September 29th: PASSED

upcoming list of events

"Amuse Cochon NAPA" 5 Chefs, 5 Pigs, 5 Winemakers at Silverado Resort November 2nd: ->RSVP

November 8th: ->RSVP
David Sweeney/Dynamic Dish

December 7th: ->RSVP
Kudzu Holiday Dinner

Dinner #1: Inaugural Kudzu Supper Club

The Kudzu Supper Club would like to thank everyone for supporting the very special inaugural dinner. The magical night started with Anne Quatrano arriving with Adam Biderman and Taylor Johnson. Together we delivered the powerful message of the Kudzu series. The dinner was in a mansion in the Virginia Highlands, read the blog. Please click here to see the pictures.

The Farms: Summerland Farms, Crystal Organics, Woodland Farms
Star Provisions & Bacchanalia: Anne Quatrano, Adam Biderman, Taylor Johnson
The Menu: Click here
Cast Iron Recipe: coming soon...
The Wines: The Wines of Henriot Inc.
Dinner #2: Jeremy Lieb of Trois in Castleberry Hill

For the second dinner, thirty-six witnessed the supreme culinary illustration of farm fare. The stage was set in a beautiful art gallery, thanks to Calvin Lockwood Photography, one of the most talented photographers in Atlanta. Click here to see the pictures.

The Farms: TaylOrganics, Oakhurst Community Gardens, Woodland Farms
Trois: Executive Chef Jeremy Lieb
The Menu: Click here
Cast Iron Recipe: coming soon...
The Wines: The Wines of Henriot Inc.
Dinner #3: Muss & Turners pack the "Champagne Carpool"

WOW! Kudzu held its first farm experience and tipped many a flute for the 200th Birthday of Henriot Champagnes. A team of passionate chefs, a lineup of the best produce and proteins available, a farm tour with Paige Witherington of Serenbe, and countless surreal moments. Click here to see the pictures.

The Farms: Serenbe Farms, Love is Love Farm, Walker Farms, Riverview Farms
Muss & Turners: Todd Mussman
The Menu: Click here
Cast Iron Recipe: coming soon...
The Wines: Henriot Bicentennial Champagne Dinner
Dinner #4: Re'past with Gum Creek Farms at the Paramount Atlanta

The magical dinner took place in Buckhead at the amazing Paramount Atlanta highrise near Lenox. The Kudzu Supper Club Team and the talented Chefs of Re'past took advantage of theatre cooking stations and the susatainable wines of Van Duzer. The evening started with the Rose of Pinot Noir paired with Benton Farms Country Ham wrapped around Gala Melons from Riverview Farms... Click here to see the pictures.

To read the article written by Elizabeth Lee of the AJC click here...

The Farms: Gum Creek Farms, Riverview Farms, Woodland Gardens
Re'past: Joe Truex & Mihoko Obunai
The Menu: Click here
Cast Iron Recipe: coming soon...
The Wines: Van Duzer
Dinner #5: Heirloom Tomato Reception and "Heritage Breeds with Hanson Farms" with Matt Harris of Trois

Words can't express how excited we were for this dinner. The Hanson's Farm in Cumming is a little piece of heaven. Their focus on heritage and heirloom breeds set the stage for the greatest heirloom tomato reception ever. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OVER 30 HEIRLOOM TOMATO DESCRIPTIONS. We took a farm tour with Boo Hanson and then sat down to a five-course dinner under the stars with Chef Matt Harris.

The Farms: Hansons Farm in Cumming
Trois: Chef de Cuisine Matt Harris
The Menu: Click here
Cast Iron Recipe: coming soon...
The Wines: Van Duzer

The month of September is our fundraising month for:
Terra Madre - click to learn more

Sunday Supper with Allan Benton and TaylOrganics at Trois
Sunday September 28th: 6:30pm
Walk-Ups are welcome
Price: $105

Join us in the private dining room at Trois for an unforgettable event. The experience will celebrate Allan Benton of Smoky Mountain Country Hams of Tennessee. The magical experience will start with a reception in the bar with Eric Simpkins over experimental cocktail. Dinner will follow in the private dining room, as the slow food leaders of the South are honored during this amazing 5-course dinner paired to the reserve wines of France.

EVENT FOUR: "Amuse Cochon" 5 chefs, 5 pigs at the 5
Rathbun, Swift, Benton, Mussman, Rainwater....
Monday September 29th: 6pm - 10pm
Visit the Website...
Price: $60

Amuse Cochon NAPA coming up...
Amuse Cochon: 5 Chefs, 5 Pigs, 5 Winemakers
is a Taste Network Trademarked Concept and Event.
All rights reserved

Dinner #7: Gaia Gardens "Last Call" with 5 Seasons ->RSVP

Dennis Lange and Daniel Parson have a very unique and rewarding relationship. Over the past 5 years as a farmer for East Lake Commons, Daniel has created a true model for community based food production. Gaia Gardens regularly supplies 5 Seasons with delicious produce, and in return he receives kitchen waste and spent-grains from the restaurant's brewery to fertilize and improve the health of his prolific soil. Come witness true symbiosis of farmer, chef and diner. Great produce, beers and wines. A first class experience in the field, all crafted into a unforgettable meal.

October 4th
The Farms: Gaia Gardens
5 Seasons: Chef Phillip
The Menu: n/a
Cast Iron Recipe: n/a
The Wines: n/a

Dinner #9: Dynamic Dish "Urban Gardens with David Sweeney" ->RSVP

WHO: A Taste Network Event featuring: David Sweeney of Dynamic Dish, Local Farms, and Persimmon Creek Vineyards.

WHEN: November 8 th , 6:30pm

WHERE: A Secret location within 1 mile of the downtown Atlanta.

WHY: The following event raises awareness of the local, organic and biodynamic farmer, supporting chef and winemaker.

Atlanta, Ga - Taste Network will host a Kudzu Supper Club at a secret location on November 8, 2008 at 6:30 p.m . Taste Network, an Atlanta based company, has partnered with David Sweeney of Dynamic Dish for a one of a kind field to table experience available to the public. A five-course meal prepared using local produce and proteins from Atlanta's best urban gardens. Farmers attend and address the group during the dinner. David Sweeney of Dynamic Dish is leading the city with the best vegan and vegetarian menu with his network of local urban gardens. Wine pairings and cheese course by Brady Lowe of the Taste Network. The event will take place 1 mile from downtown Atlanta and the location will be announced 24 hours before dinner. The cost is $125 and RSVP is required.

The experience will include a reception and five-course dinner paired with wines from Persimmon Creek Vineyards of Northeastern Georgia. Taste Network will pair varietals from around the world to these native Georgia vines for a side-by-side comparison. The dinner is the ninth in a series of ten experiences focused on telling the story of the local, organic and biodynamic farmer.

November 8th
The Farms: TBA
Dynamic Dish: David Sweeney
The Menu: n/a
Cast Iron Recipe: n/a
The Wines: n/a

Dinner #10: Kudzu Supper Holiday Dinner ->RSVP

Secret Location, Numerous Chefs, Cheese Everywhere and Reserve Wines in Large Format. Taste Network always throws a end of the year gathering for friends and family. We put on greatest moments from 2008 and everyone takes responsible transportation. Seats go fast so get your reservation today.

December 8th
The Farms: TBA
Chefs: TBA
The Menu: n/a
Cast Iron Recipe: n/a
The Wines: n/a

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